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Using CSS 3 brings us to the next high

CSS 3 is not a new thing, and certainly not just around the border-radius property to achieve the rounded corners. It is patiently sitting there, ready to debut, sipped coffee, waiting for the browser to roll out the red carpet. You see, the browser needs to keep up with the ... ... "

- Would like to record ISD WEBTEAM 09 骞?article Q2 Masterpiece: CSS 3.0 Reference Manual (Chinese Version)


Su Yu's "Chinese manual style sheet" with reference to represent the CSS2.0 many web designers domestic walked nearly 10 years time, this influence is far-reaching, but with the CSS technology continues to evolve, designers and more of the traditional information and can not transcend the existing fence, give yourself to carry a heavy burden. Have you noted that CSS 3 ready for? Do you want to start using them but do not know where to start? Valid CSS 3 highly anticipated new features, our CSS3.0 Reference Manual to emerge the ... ...

What is CSS 3?

CSS is the abbreviation for Cascading Style Sheet. Translated as "Cascading Style Sheets." For (enhanced) control page styles and allows the separation of style information and content of a markup language.

CSS3.0 said the next version of CSS, 3.0 is the version number.

CSS 3 brings us any surprises?

CSS3.0 our Web designers is not just a new technology, more important is that these new concepts of web application design more to us the infinite possibilities, but also greatly improve our development efficiency. We will not have to rely on images or Javascript to complete the corner, more background, user-defined fonts, 3D animation, gradient, shadow boxes, text shadow, transparency and other features to improve the quality of Web design application. CSS 3 .0 appearance, so the code is more concise, the page structure is more reasonable, performance and results taken into account.


The target of the manual reconstruction of teacher or front-end Web development engineer.

W3C working draft of the manual according to the translation, there are some uncertainties, the final interpretation ISD WEBTEAM all.

This manual is organized reference the CSS Preview CSS 3 properties will be divided into border, background, color, text, user interface, basic box model, content, other modules, senior selector nine categories.

Compatibility List for the time being to provide Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera, Safari, Chrome official version of browser compatibility.

Private property list, use the Gecko engine browsers Firefox, private property to-moz-start; webkit browser engine with Safari, Chrome, with-webkit-start; Presto engine browsers Opera, to-o- started, and Internet Explorer, to-ms-start, only IE8 support-ms-prefix.

Examples of production for each property in addition to @ font face font involving copyright from Microsoft's example, other team members are making light of its own precipitation, due to the limitations of manual pages, and maybe some examples difficult to understand, we will follow this Some detailed analysis of the sample alone article.

Inheritance, as W3C Working Draft is not on the inheritance of a clearer explanation, this issue is not on the inheritance of a test, they will not have the reference value.

If the downloaded CHM file does not open, you can try to right click on CHM file, and then "Properties" in the "Unlock."

This manual is mainly used for communication, limited to time constraints, and for the amateur deep plowing Yezuo, errors and omissions are unavoidable, we hope lots of feedback in use. We will continue to improve and update the manual. V1 version is for manual, updated from time to time in units of months.

CSS 3.0 Reference Manual (Chinese version) Preview:

Whether you're ready to get to know the first CSS 3, or has Luezhipimao, CSS 3.0 Reference Manual (Chinese version) will help you better learn and understand CSS 3. Why wait? Slam download it!


CSS 3 attribute can not only greatly improve our efficiency, so that some of the most time-consuming task effortlessly buttoned CSS, and can use more compact and lighter amount of code tags. While some properties have not been widely supported, but that does not mean that we can not use the advanced browsers provide a better experience.

CSS 3 allows us to optimize the work of a new breakthrough. When you have completed the picture merge, streamlined code optimization, etc., after being battered do not know whether 鍋氬暐, they can try to split the user to search for deeper breakthrough. For example, some high-level browsers for the corner property, in the IE browser to use conditional comments (or hack), then the effect is not able to guarantee the same time, to render pages faster using advanced browsers before then?

If our website in various browsers, a difference does not affect the appearance and usability of your website, it should be considered. If we continue to waste a lot of time and energy to make absolutely every detail of the same (rather than adopting a more flexible and future-oriented program), the user will not have to upgrade their browsers to any motive, we also can not be earlier and more extensive use of them.

I believe that as time goes on and more browser support, CSS 3 will become increasingly popular as web designers will bring endless energy. Web designers, and so what? Let's feel the energy of CSS 3, with CSS 3 brings us to the next height of it!

Special thanks

Project, we also encountered many difficulties, W3C not officially released CSS 3, the working draft updated, there are many uncertain factors, lack of Chinese data, involving multiple versions of multiple browsers browser compatibility testing, the testing process cumbersome and so on, the project team members are gradually overcome, thank you for the pressure in the normal demand when larger passion can maintain a very high participation in the project to CSS 3, in the company plus complete classes, home also busy translation, testing, browser compatibility, etc., sometimes CSS3 items discussed in the chat group to the 1,2 point ... am cute you are because of the project can be carried out so smoothly, they are:

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